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Build Your Business, or Learn To Code: Pick One

Still Processing how great WordCamp Raleigh 2015 was for my first time pseudo-organizing and helping out. You can expect a post about that soon. But here’s a bit of a rant that I drafted before the conference.

I see too many DIY WordPress folks trying to do these four things:

  1. learn enough code to make their site look good and perform well
  2. learn enough copywriting to market their product or service
  3. learn enough social media to promote their marketing efforts
  4. create an effective sales funnel to actually sell their product

It’s hard enough to do any one of those things well.

If you are trying to make or grow a business, the last three go hand-in-hand (though an effective funnel will be coded well, so it kinda requires a bit of number 1).

Don’t already know how to code? It’s absurd to try and tack it on at the last minute. You are effectively saying that people who get paid to code are doing for a living what you can learn in your spare time. I know you don’t actually think that, but it’s what you’re implying, stated a bit harshly.

Build your business, or learn to Code. Pick one. Click To TweetIf you want to generate $0.34 in annual revenue, and dabble like a hobbyist, go for it. Just acknowledge that’s what you’re doing.

If you want to grow your business, hire a developer. The 4 hours you spend figuring out enough CSS to move your header down 5 pixels would have taken a front-end developer 35 seconds. Even if they charge hourly, which they shouldn’t, I’m pretty sure you can afford 35 seconds of their time.

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