How we got started… 

Figuring out what we want to be when we grow up took a lot of work and I’m still not sure if we have it figured out yet.

We met in 2005 at a staff conference for a ministry we both worked for. We thought we would be in full-time ministry forever, but God had other plans.

In 2008 we left full-time ministry with no real direction on what to do next. We had 2 small kids and a real passion for paying the bills.

Over the next 7 years, between the two of us, we worked 8 different jobs. At times we worked 2-3 jobs each just to accomplish our dream of…paying the bills.

In 2015 we were able to catch our breath just enough to launch BenandJacq, Inc. We were not sure exactly what we were going to do, but we had a small vision for our own company. Ben needed a way to change his career path. Having his own business gave him the opportunity to develop new skills and network with experts in the field he dreamed to one day join. 

Our family at the beachWhere we are now…

We are still figuring it out. Ha.

The more we learn the more we want to continue learning and changing and growing. Our main goal is to continue to learn how we can best serve our clients. 

Our passion for paying the bills is less urgent (though we still make sure to pay them!), and that’s given us some bandwidth to expand the ways we help folks.

Our company is still BenandJacq, Inc. and under that umbrella we have launched both a service business WP Steward + Virtual Assistant Services as well as a digital product business Better Click to Tweet.

Business owners we’ve supported and who’ve helped us along the way:

  • Dave Ramsey
  • Donald Miller
  • Bryan Stevenson
  • Jon Acuff 
  • Alexis Grant

We now have 3 kids and 4 outdoor cats. We live in the country and enjoy playing in the woods. 

If you are looking for topics for when you see us at a cocktail party? Here are some things we like, in no particular order:

  • Foster Care
  • State Parks
  • Bikes
  • UNC Basketball
  • Making trails in our woods
  • The minimal amount of necessary exercise
  • Work-from-home sweatpants
  • Cards Against Humanity-Family edition
  • Laughing and telling stories around a fire pit