Mu journey to remote work

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My Journey to Remote Work

Recently, I’ve had several friends ask me how I got my job and how they can also work from home. The fact is, the demand for remote work has surged, prompting many to seek opportunities outside the traditional office setting, so I’ve decided to share my journey from a freelancer to an operations manager, hoping to provide insights for those exploring the world of remote work.

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Background Story

In 2013 Ben lost his job and decided to change his career path in the process. In between unemployment and underemployment, Ben started doing freelance webwork to pay the bills and create a better resume for himself. My full-time job started to carry all of the health benefits for our family, allowing him to focus on his career journey. Shortly after we launched which later evolved into Benandjacq, Inc. This little side hustle played a pivotal role in shaping our remote work journey. He was able to network and build his resume and landed the remote job he has now.

A Few Years Later 

It didn’t happen overnight. Over the next few years, we added an extra kid to our crew, moved to a new state, the startup company he worked for was acquired and he now has health benefits – and don’t forget COVID. Moving in 2020 during a pandemic with kids doing virtual school and with me having an autoimmune disorder – I decided not to go into the “normal” workforce. 

Having BenandJacq, inc already in place made it easy for me to transition into freelance work. 

Virtual Assistance Internship

With much research, I discovered Esther Inman’s 90-day VA course, a three-month internship that became a cornerstone in building my confidence and skill set for a remote career. Her course is self-paced, but I treated it like a full-time job. Applying for remote jobs is different than the traditional workforce. During this internship, I created a remote resume and learned the lingo and software imperative to remote work. 

Client Work

In January 2021 I started taking on small clients and pro bono projects. The initial months of little to no income paved the way for what I do now.

Through networking and leveraging my Business degree, I secured my dream client. What began as a virtual assistant role evolved into an Executive Assistant position and eventually an Operations Manager, with a significant pay increase along the way.

Flexibility and Privilege

While relishing the flexibility of my job, I acknowledge the privilege of having a supportive husband with a stable “normal” job. I am continually evaluating how to stay sharp with my skills so that I am marketable if I ever do need to go back into the “normal” workforce. I do not take this opportunity for granted. 

You Can Do It Too!

There are a ton of remote job opportunities out there and not all of them require you to be self-employed like me. Check out these job boards and find the right remote job for you!

Feel free to reach out with any questions and good luck finding the right fit for you! Contact Me!

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