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One who actively directs affairs of another. A Manager.
It's my job to handle your WordPress site as if it were my own.

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Doing Things The WordPress Way

  • Premium Managed Hosting
  • Backups with free restoration
  • Keep plugin, theme, and core code up to date
  • Hack Repair
  • Development with the heart of a teacher

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An educated customer is a better customer. The first 6 emails you get when you subscribe to my list show you how to do everything I do, all by yourself.

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What’s In It For You?

Switch and Forget It

Our hosting, backup, and service plans are designed to let me handle everything. You've got better things to worry about.

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Security Is Baked In

I spend hours each month talking to the leading plugin and theme developers in the WordPress ecosystem. When vulnerabilities show up, I'm aware before you are.

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Personal Access

My clients have an easy way to get in touch with me whenever they need me. I'll even give you my cell phone for anytime access.

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