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Cyber Monday and The Freelancer’s Dilemma

Cyber Monday, Friends and Family For All
It’s time to get in on the marketing hype around Cyber Monday.

As I write this, the onslaught has already begun of companies offering absurd deals on their products in honor of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Businesses You Should Support Sunday, Cyber Monday, and Please Somebody Give Me Money Tuesday.

It’s the week where we all try to sell you stuff.

As a freelancer with a business model that doesn’t scale particularly well, I don’t have the margin to offer any deals. For me to give you 30% off means I’m taking money from myself.

So instead, I’m extending my friends and family discount to everyone in celebration of Cyber Monday.

My friends and family discount is simple: if you’ve met my kids and like for them to eat, you gladly pay 15% more for the same level of exceptional web services from me.

Friends and Family shouldn't pay less. That seems backwards. Be a real friend. Share on XIt’s a win-win.

Just reference CYBERMONDAY15 when signing up for maintenance plans or backup plans to receive this great deal. If you use that code, my kids will write you a personal thank you note. (no joke!)

I’m feeling generous, so I’m going to extend this deal for a full week. On Friday at midnight (Pacific), the doors close forever on this offer to pay me 15% more for no reason other than the joy of seeing my kids eat well.

Maybe I should add a door-buster where the first 10 people get an additional 10% OFF ON!

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