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How to display your Favicon in an embedded WordPress Post.

Today, I learned that if you are old-school and haven’t set up a site icon (a feature introduced in WordPress 4.3 I didn’t see the need for because I had already set a custom favicon using other methods back-in-the-day) , when your posts are embedded on someone else’s site (a feature introduced in 4.4 this month) they will display with a fallback site icon (the WordPress Logo).

Here’s what I mean by “embedded posts”:

Build Your Business, or Learn To Code: Pick One

I’m not ashamed to declare my posts WordPress, but I do like that extra little branding bump when I can include my logo in the embed, so I set out to figure out why it wasn’t showing up.

The simple (like, trained monkey simple) way to add a site icon is to go to the Customizer–>Site Identity–>Add a site icon. Once you’ve got a site icon there, your embeds across the web will show that image!

Pro Tip: use an image with a transparent background (save it as a .png) for that added bit of polish. Square images are so 2004. I removed the background from my image with this free online tool: LunaPic

I’ll readily admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the customizer (When I custom code a theme that predates the customizer, and the client hops in and tries to change the fonts in the customizer and breaks everything, I look bad.) but I’m starting to come around—some powerful stuff under the hood, there.

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