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Why You Need a Web Plan

I’m a web guy, and my site got hacked.

There’s almost no explaining the sinking feeling when you log into your web site and find it hacked.

But because I had a backup plan, getting my site back online and free of malware was simple and painless. It turned what would have been days of painful coding (even for a web guy) into 4 minutes of sweaty palms followed by the best 5 minutes of my day, which may have involved improv-singing a slow-jam version of the 90s classic “No Diggity” into which I substituted the line “I like to back it up” where appropriate. 

There is no video evidence of this.

Here’s my point: If you are not backing up your website, you’re setting yourself up for a nightmare, instead of a dance party.

This is the part where I could try to hard-sell my services (minus the improv singing) to you, or try to scare you into signing up.

Instead, over the next few blog posts, I’ll lay out your options for both planning for once you’re hacked (backups) and hardening your site to prevent hacking (service). 

I’m not going to pretend that I’m not selling something. I am, and it’s worth every penny. But to make sure you know what the other options are, I’ll lay them all out for you.

I’m going to explain things to you like I do to my friends. There are cheaper options out there, and I want you to know about them, and why they are cheaper. If we do end up working together, I want to be sure you know the value of what I’m doing!

If you want to skip the education and just get your site backed up, click here to see what I charge for that.

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