I consider hosting, backups, and website services to be a responsibility. When people trust me with the keys to their site, I don’t take it lightly. Whether your site powers a thriving e-commerce business or is just a way for you to reach the world with your thoughts, it’s a big deal.

When things are a big deal to you, they are a big deal to me.

A little background:

I’m Ben Meredith—a self-taught developer who has learned the hard way all of the different ways a WordPress site can break.

My education from the school of hard WordPress knocks means that when you hire me to manage your site, I’m like a part-time tech reference book for you.

The other thing you need to know about me is that I care. I spent the first 8 years out of college in full-time vocational campus ministry, helping students to rise above the cultural expectation of 4 years of binge drinking and destructive decisions, and to make a mark on their world.

Hiring me is hiring that decade of life experience. I know that what matters to you is prompt communication, and integrity. If I don’t know something, expect an “I don’t know,” not a bunch of posturing and pretending. And expect me to find out.

My WordPress Story

How do you trust a guy who calls himself a “WordPress Developer”? By his contributions to the WordPress ecosystem. I have multiple plugins freely released on the WordPress.org repository, well maintained and regularly supported.

My first and second WordPress plugins grew out of a client saying “how can we…” followed by a specific need and an “I don’t know” from me. Now those two plugins have been downloaded dozens of thousands of times, updated regularly, and translated into multiple languages. See for yourself:

Old Post Date Remover

12 five-star ratings
85,349 all-time downloads

Better Click To Tweet

41 five-star ratings
609,141 all-time downloads

Enough about me. Tell me about you: